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First success of Luca-Guard Captain Bangaru
First show success of our 'C' litter: there was a CACIB show in Prague at the weekend where Luca-Guard Captain Bangaru was entered in Baby Class. He was given the 'Very promising' title and the judge was more than pleased with his appearance. Congratulations to the five-month-old Bangaru on this great result and and of course congratulations to the owner, Mr Otakar Wolf too!
First meeting with the baby food - and not bad at all!
Our puppies are over three weeks old. Zafir has been a great mum so far, but as being almost six years old, she is not always ready to meet the demands of the four always-hungry-Lilliputian. So we started giving them baby food today.To tell the truth they were not surprised at all to get something else than mother milk. They had a great dinner and after that there was a biiiig nap!
We have taken a lot of photos of our 'D' litter, but we were so busy with taking care of the puppies that we have had no time to arrange them in a gallery. We promise to update this gallery continuously!
Mozart HD examination - very promising
As we have done so far to all of our dogs we took Mozart to a pro-examination of his hips at the age of six month. The examination was done by Dr Gyorgy Pelle, who is an expert in the Nyiregyhaza Vet Hospital and fortunately his opinion was that everything seemed perfect. We know that the examination which is carried out when the dog is two years old is acceptable and this examination is not determining, but we did not want to wait 18 more months to get any kinds of result...
The puppies have been born!
Our puppies have been born - two girls and two boys. They are fine, healthy and beautiful - what is more, the mothers is fine as well.
In April our house - and our life - will be loud with puppies barking again! It was exactly four weeks ago that Mr Mathias Schröder visited us with two special purposes: he bought a puppy -Jack - from us and he also brought along his wonderful male dog, Tyron vom Welland to have a mating with our Zafir. According to the ultrasound examination the love date seems to have been successful!(Last year Tyron had a mating with our Simba and the result was ten beautiful puppies in our kennel.) Informatin about the parents: KLIKK on the picture!
We have received some very good news about two members of our 'B' litter dogs. A FEHOVA dog show was held in Budapest where Balu was entered for Friday by his owner Dr Gabor Gyori. Balu is ten months old and this was his first dog show in Youth Class.He was entered and he won! He received a HPJ and a Best Junior title! Balu's sister, Bella - of course she is also only ten month old - has taken a successful K99 obedience exam (90%!). Congratulations on these wonderful results to our dear dogs and to their owners of course!
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