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Our puppies have gone and are going to six countries of Europe. Only one puppy is still staying with us, she is going to France at the weekend where her owner is looking forward to her so much! All of our puppies have found their loving and caring families, we are sure that they will be loved as long as possible. We have recorded all of their farewells, wishing you good luck our babies, wishing you a happy and cheerful life with your new families! - Click/
Mr Mathias Schröder - who is well-known for those who love leonbergers - visited us from Germany. Besides the mating, his aim was to buy a puppy from our kennel. And as he was here he took not only one but two puppies at the same time: he took one marvellous female puppy to one of his acquaintances in Austria and he bought a wonderful male puppy for himself. No doubt that we are very proud that a leonberger breeder as famous as he is wanted to buy a dog from our kennel.We are having a busy weekends. The number of puppies is decreasing, they are travelling continuously to their new homes. The last two puppies are going to travel to their new homes at the end of the next week. Our yard will be empty. But we know that all of our ten puppies have found a loving and caring family. Five of them are going to live abroad and five are staying in Hungary. This is the circle of life: the puppies are staying with their new families and Mozart is staying with us. Soon he will be four months old. Under our close supervision he is playing together with the small ones. That's what we recorded this weekend. Click here!
A famous, well-known guest visited our home, who arrived from Germany: Tyron vom Welland. And if he was here: well we had a successful mating with him and our Zafír (Skjaergaardens Casino Boomtown) on Saturday and on Sunday. If this 'love' proves to be successful we can be happy in April to have beautiful puppies in our kennel again. We think for those who know the leonberger community it is unnecessary to talk a lot about the speciality of the mating...
Our 'C' litter is over eight weeks old! They are beautiful, healthy - the average weight of them is nine kilos. Nine of them have already had their new homes - they will travel to five different countries. One of our girls is still looking for her new homes - could be taken home from next weekend. We have made a photo-montage of the last two months - difficult, but beautiful and memorable period of our lives- we love them all!
Look at our video: KLIKK!
We are very busy nowadays, the future owners of our puppies are coming to visit our kennel. Choosing the new member of the family is an important thing, everybody is excited about it. Our today visitor cannot be said to be a usual one: Paulet Pascale, a leonberger breeder from Locronan, France visited us today. She decided to take a five thousand-kilometre-return-journey to see us today, travelling by train, plane and car to choose her beautiful female puppy from our 'C' litter. She has found the one who is the most beautiful, the kindest for her and we wish from the depth of our heart to live a happy life together!
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