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We took advantage of the snow for our 'C' litter puppies as new stimuli and the true winter atmosphere and we took some new photos of them. You can see them in our gallery! Of course we wanted to take some beautiful pictures of our three-month old Mozart, but he chose to sleep and have sweet dreams inside the house together with his toy friend the lion leo!
Our puppies are six-weeks old! They are absolutely healthy, lively and cheerful. It is natural nowadays that they need more and more space to live their lives. Of course we allow them to leave their 'house' and go outside for a limited period several times a day and they are more than happy to run up and down the yard. We recorded one of their playing period and we added new photos to their gallery.Click!
Time has come when looking after the puppies is not only about cleaning after them: they are getting cleverer and cleverer day by day and they love playing with us and together of course. We have made a video film about it with a mobile phone. (Also you can find new photos in our "C litter" gallery.) Click!
Our puppies are four weeks old. Five boys and five girls have a great time, their development is constant. This weekend we had reasonable weather so they could have their first 'visit' in the fresh air! This and the playtime together with our daughter had the beneficial effect: after dinner time we heard a wonderful thing: nothing - that is silence. Photos can be seen here:
AMADEUS MOZART VOM WELLAND (Tyron vom Welland + Quirina vom Welland)
Our new family member from Germany arrived yesterday: Amadeus Mozart vom Welland. This beautiful male occupied our house immediately with great self-confidence. We had no problem with him at all during the long journey and the first night also passed without any troubles. He has already become part of our hearts!
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