We had a mating in Germany with our Simba, and this mating proved to be very successful: ten beautiful leonberger babies were born! As a rule: five girls and five boys! All of them look healthy and make you feel amazed as you watch them. They are puppies of an exceptional mating: their parents and grandparents are fabulous at their show results and their medical certificates too. Click!
Parents: TYRON VOM WELLAND (Kwenobe Balfen Aplin X Fione Fabrice vom Welland) X LUCA-GUARD AKVAMARIN "SIMBA" (Dante vom Dreiburgenland X Skjaergaardens Casino Boomtown "Zafír"). Both parents are LPN1:N/N free and HD:A. Puppies can be taken home at February.
Tyron vom Welland (Kwenobe Balfen Aplin X Fione Fabrice vom Welland) LPN1:N/N HD:A. This fantastic German leonberger male could be a determining factor of our life in the following months.Tyron had a mating with our Simba (Dante vom Dreiburgenland X Skjaergaardens Casino Boomtown) and we are going to have a cute male puppy in December from the Tyron-Quirina mating.
The European Dog Show 2012 was held in Bucarest (RO). In the Youth Class the first two place was given to our Dante's (Dante vom Dreiburgenland) daughters: Ditta became "Youth European Champion" and Lilly got the second place! Congartulations to both of them on this fanttastic result!
He lived for five and a half years. Happily, full of vitality. An uncurable, fast developing disease attacked him. He was the pride of our family and kennel.He will always live in our memories. Rest in peace dear Dante.
Today we have received our Skjaergaardens Casino Boomtown "Zafír"'s certificate of becoming HGRCH. Together with this Zafir has become the owner of all the existing diplomas in Hungary for dogs: HJCH; HCH; HSHCH; HGRCH. She also has two Romanian diplomas: RJCH és RCH!For us she is also a champion in another field of life: she is the mother of 14 puppies from two litters. You can see some memorable pictures of our beloved Zafir here:
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