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A CAC sow was held in Nyíregyháza, where our Simba (who will be two years old only at the end of this month) received her first BOB title! In the BIS a child-dog pair show was also held, where our daughter (seven years old) and Simba received the silver medal! Congratulations to the three members of the Kirjak family (Simba, Luca and Jozsef) who took part in this competition!
A three-day-show was held in Komarom at the last weekend of May(H)where our Simba had been entered. The first two days were CACIB shows, the third one was a CAC show. On the first two days Simba received a CAC title in Intermediate Class which made us very happy as it meant a milestone to get the Hungarian Champion Title. On the third day she also got Excellent 1 but without a CAC title, so we had no opportunity to get the Hungarian Champion Certificate immediately on the spot...
Dante had a long weekend: He travelled to Salzburg, Austria. He took part in a Club Show on Saturday and in the World Dog Show on Sunday.On both days a big number of Leonbergers competed for the titles and on both days Dante got Excellent title. For him it was the fourth 'Continental' Show. Before that he had taken part in two European Dog Shows , where in 2008 he won his class in Intermediate Class, and in 2010 he became a European Champion, BOB. In 2009 at the World Dog Show he was given the third place in Champion Class. He has had beautiful results up to now!
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