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We are accepting bookings in advance for puppies from the mating of our two dogs who have excellent show results. The parents are from two dominant kennels of Europe: Dante is from the Dreiburgenland kennel, from Germany, Zafír is from the Skjaergaardens kennel, from Norway. Both of them own remarkable show results, they are champions of several countries - our Dante is even a European Champion! Our dogs are free of any hereditary diseases: their elbow, hips, heart and eyes tests are negative. Their show results and all their medical certificates are available on our website.
A few days ago we celebrated the fifth birthday of our beloved Dante! This period was full of events! Dante triggered fantastic, inexpressible emotions inside our family and in his wider environment as well. He swept us off our feet at the very first moment with his amazing character and fortunately his childlike cheerfulness has been the same from his early age. Our daughter, Luca learnt to walk with the help of his, grabbing his hair – and sometimes even his tongue. Dante got acquainted with the world of dog shows and he has achieved amazing results. Click!
Year of 2011 The year of 2011 was not as successful as the year of 2010: our dogs did not win at a European Dog Show and we did not plan a litter either. It is true that we did not enter as many competitions as the previous years but we are really satisfied with the results. There was a very important national dog show this year in Komarom (Hu) where the biggest number of Hungarian Leonberger dogs were entered last year and where a German special judge qualified the dogs and Dante (Dante vom Dreiburgenland) won the title of the Best Male Leonberger and Simba (Luca-Guard Akvamarin) won the title of the Best Female Youth and the Best Youth. Simba, who is our own-bred dog, received the title of Hungarian Youth Champion and Romanian Youth Champion. Zafír (Skjaergaardens Casino Boomtown), after recovering from the difficulties of being a mother of ten puppies, was entered only four dog shows: however, she received CH-CAC title three times and once she even became BOB! From our first litter three dogs became HJCH (Hungarian Youth Champion) in 2011. Summary of the results? Well, three healthy, cheerful Leonberger dogs in our home who give joy to our lives!
A CACIB show was held in Komarom (H)where Simba was entered in junior class and she received Best Junior Female (HPJ) title. With this now she is expecting the Hungarian Junior Champion title!She was not the only successful Luca-Guard A litter dog: her brother Sajo was the winner in his class and also received the Best Junior title, of course he was entered in the male junior class.
We have just received our beloved Dante's LPN medical certificate: he is free! Thus our European Winner and Interchampion male dog has all the necessary medical certificates: besides this LPN test his hip and and elbow dysplasia tests, his eyes and heart tests are excellent and so is his dental card. All of these results confirm his perfect genetic background. So we are happy not only about his fantastic appearance but about his perfect medical certificates as well. However there is no equipment in the world that can show his most excellent features: his great soul and his amazing character.
A CACIB show was held in Hodmezovasarhely (HU) at the weekend where our first own-bred dog, Luca-Guard Aragonit alias 'Anizs' received his third HPJ titles thus he is expecting the HJCH title (Hungarian Junior Champion). Congratulation to Anizs and of course to his owner, Attila Lajos on this great success, wishing both of them further fantastic results!
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