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We informed you ten days ago that Dante’s latest mating resulted in twelve little puppies. Well, during his fourth mating he repeated his earlier achievement and the result again is a dozen offspring: five males and seven females were born last night. After the first crucial day we are going to put some photos of them on our website.
Dante’s and Buxa’s mating was really successful: 12 little puppies were born on 11th August, seven males and five females. It was Dante’s third mating, all of them resulted in a big litter. From the three litters 31 puppies were born altogether which means a remarkable average of more than ten. This mating can be considered a very special one: two successful dogs with fantastic show results and excellent health tests, free of every kind of genetic diseases surely means that the puppies can be expected to have bright future. Click on the picture!
There was a „Show Saturday” in Debrecen this weekend. There was a dog show in the morning and a night-CAC-show in the evening. The morning show was a local one where Zafir received the title „Beauty of Debrecen” while Dante received the title „Beauty of Debrecen” and „Champion of Debrecen”. In the BIS a child-with-dog competition was organized where our daughter Luca won the first prize with Zafir and in the dog-pair competition Dante and Zafir got the third place. At the traditional night-CAC-show our Skjaergaardens Casino Boomtown Zafir became the BOB who was entered in Champion Class and Dante also received a CAC title in the Male Champion Class. A great news that this was Dante’s 50th CAC title and Zafir celebrated her fourth birthday with this BOB title. Congratulations to both of them!
The „Clone” frozen semen technology is already available in Hungary, with the help of which geographical distance is not a problem anymore in the case of valuable stud dogs. The semen of our European Winner, ICH Dante Vom Dreiburgenland stud dog has been frozen with the help of Clone technology. We were looking forward to get the results of dethawing: the motility of the semen was about 85% ( while any other traditional methods have much worse results)! On the basis of this great result we are able to offer our valuable stud dog for mating, his frozen semen for insemination without worrying about geographical distances. Important advantages of frozen semen: High conception rate; More puppies per litter; No stressful travelling; Possibility to breed top sires regardless of geographical distances. Details of this technology are available on It is really interesting that the results of this technology are shown through the sample of a leonberger litter containing 11 puppies. Facebook: KLIKK on the title!
A two-day-CACIB show was held in Komarom (HU) at the weekend. The first day meant two second places for our dogs, one Excellent 2 for Simba in Youth Class and one Excellent 2 Res-CAC for Dante in Champion Class. The second day was a much happier one: Dante received a CACIB title and he also became BOB! As Monday was a Whit Monday and a public holiday, a special CAC show was also held where 74 (!) leonberger dogs were entered. Both our dogs became the best in their classes, and Dante also became Best Male whereas Simba became Best Junior! The judge was the well-known German special judge, Rita Pleibel-Seyffer, which makes this success even more important for us.
Simba got her first cup on Saturday! Although she was qualified in the fourth place, it does not mean that we are not really happy, as almost 80 dogs were entered for the Club Show in Slazburg. She was entered in the Youth Class, and from the eleven dogs taking part in that class she received the fourth place. On Saturday, in the same class she got the second place at the CACIB show. Our dear dog was really young in the youth class!
A CAC show was held in Jaszbereny on 15, May. We entered our Simba and it was worth visiting this competition. Our 10-month-old dog received her first HPJ title (Best Junior Female) and also became Best Junior!
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