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We participated in the first Hungarian CACIB of the season without hoping any success as our Simba was only nine-month old. She was entered in the youth class and she was the youngest among the six dogs taking part in the contest. However she received the very promising second place, beaten by only the so far 100% successful Circle of Life of New Wind! We were really happy and after the dog show our little family went on a trip in the wonderful Bukk mountains.
Simba is our first own bred dog. She is nine and a half month old. She is so young, yet we are very proud of her: last weekend she received her first champion title! A two-day-CACIB show was held in Satu Mare (Romania) where she was given the first place and the title Junior CAC in the junior female class. According to the rules of the Romanian Dog Association she is entitled to bear the name of Romanian Junior Champion. As we can read on her certificate from now on her name is RJCH Luca-Guard Akvamarin.
The local TV channel got to know the news that Dante became a European Champion so an interviewer visited us. You can see the video here. Click.
Today (2nd January) we are celebrating our Dante’s fourth birthday. Happy Birthday and very good health dear Dante! He is the dog who does his best to make every day of the year become a holiday for us, not only one day. Although he is a male dog, a big soul lives in his body; he is so kind, endearing and coaxing. He has lived four years so far with lots of experiences and hopefully very good memories.
The recent successes of our Dante have reached its top so far: a European Championship was held in Celje, Slovenia and our beloved Dante has achieved his greatest result so far: he was chosen to be BOB, European Champion among the leonbergers in FCI II. group! We are so grateful to the breeders of Dante, as we could have such a wonderful dog, but of course our greatest gratitude and thanks is to Dante. Not only his appearance but also his character and his giant soul make him – at least for us – be the most perfect dog of Europe. Click on the title.
Our puppies have all found their new owners and from now on they live their lives with them. Our house has become empty. There is silence all over. There is no doubt we often waited for this when they were “crying” so loudly but still: now we are sad at our heart. They have become our parts. Each of them with their undistinguishable characters which were clear at the age of eight weeks. However we are happy at the same time as we know that their new owners are dog lovers and very nice people. You can see pictures of the farewell and their new owners in our gallery!
A two-day CACIB show was held in Debrecen - at the end of August as usual. On both days Dante received the CACIB title! With these two successful days he is the owner of 21 CACIB titles. As for females on the first day Izisz won, while on the second one Taboo received the CACIB title, both of them became BOB.
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