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Our puppies are six weeks old. Thus they have received their first combined vaccination, and it is the third time they have been dewormed. Their pedigree has arrived, so have their chip. Of course each identification chip has been engrafted. Their passports are ready, so soon they are ready to conquer the world!
It was a pleasant but at the same time a difficult task to choose the female puppy we wanted to keep for ourselves, as our three puppies are extremely homogeneous, their sizes and colours are similar, even their behaviour is almost the same. They can only be distinguished by the ribbons around their necks. Click.
Watch our puppies playing together, with their mother and even with their father!
Nowadays Dante, the father of the puppies also takes his part in looking after the „children”. In the beginning we were afraid of his presence near them, but it was in vain: with his fantastic intelligence, overwhelming his curiosity, he was watching the babies from modest distance. And recently he has also started looking after them, taking his part in bringing them up, beside the unbelievably good mother, Zafir. You can see the new pictures under the title “photos”.
Zafir’s Hungarian Show Champion Certificate has arrived! Her “new” name is: : HJCH HCH HShCH RoJCH ROCH Skjaergaardens Casino Boomtown. In the picture you can see Zafir’s 17-day-old puppies. All of the ten puppies are totally healthy and you can even hear them barking!
Fulfilling some of our dear guests’ requests, we have opened a new chapter of our puppies. We are trying to follow their development and inform you of their growth continuously and of course you will not miss our videos either. The puppies are one week old they have doubled their birth weight.
We have been waiting for this day for so long! We were watching every movement of our Zafir through a webcam every night, and at three o'clock in the morning on 25th June unusual excitement of her gave us a signal: the time has come and the puppies are going to be born soon. Then everything happened very quickly: by two o'clock in the afternoon the crying of ten puppies fulfilled the "birth house". Seven males and three females were born.They started feeding immediately and by the time night came they were sleeping with full bellies.
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