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Both of our male dogs, Nobel the leonberger and Chaplin our cavalier received the BOB title at a CAC show in Hajdudorog. They are special titles: Nobel, who is just over two years old has received 20 (!) CAC titles so far and Chaplin has been given 15 BOB titles altogether up to now. A specal thanks to Lilla Szabo for her excellent handling!
Nobel (Wotan vom Dreiburgenland)has had all the necessary and suggested medical certifications! LPN 1: N/N Free; LPN 2: N/N Free; hip dysplasia (HD) Free A; Elbow: Free A; eyes: negative; heart: negative. You can see all the certificates and medical examination papers here on our website. Nobel is a Hungarian, Bulgarian and Romanian Champion, Young Romanian Champion and Bulgarian Grand Champion. He has already had 16 BOB, 10 CACIB and 19 CAC titles although he is only two years old. Are we boasting? Of course. We are so proud of him. And many thanks to his breeder Mr Mathias Schröder for this wonderful dog.
We went to a dog show again, although it is not a big surprise. On Saturday morning Nobel took part in a dog show in Nagyvarad (RO) where he received a CH-CAC and a Res-CACIB title. We took both our male dogs to the traditional night CACIB dog show to Debrecen (HU) where Chaplin had the same results as Nobel had had in the morning but our Nobel was given the titles CH-CAC, CACIB and BOB titles! Thank you so much for the handling to Dorka Váczi and to András Kozma Borbé Dr for his selfless help. Further thanks of course to the judge at the night show, Gábor Hargitai Dr. It has been Nobel's 10th CACIB title although he is only 23 month old!
Our Nobel is Hungarian Champion, Romanian and Bulgarian Champion! We are so proud of him! We are especially happy as his health check-ups are all excellent. His LPN 1-2 is N/N, we have a perfect certificate of his eyes and heart, we have not received an official certificate of his hip and elbow x-rays yet, but the preliminary opinion is very promising. You can check all these certificates here on Nobel’s page. And he has also passed his breeding test!
The most important dog event of the previous week for us was to receive the Veteran Championship Certificate of our Zafir, who was born in Norway and has been living with us for nine years now (Skjæergaardens Casino Boomtown). Together with this document Zafir has become the entitled owner of all (!) the possible Hungarian titles in Hungary: HJCH, HCH, HSHCH, HGRCH and HVCH and she is also a Romanian Junior and Romanian Champion. Doing well in the case of our elderly dogs is especially important for us, although we had some other successful results the previous week. Click!
A three-day CACIB show took place in Szilvasvarad last weekend. We entered our Nobel (Wotan vom Dreiburgenland) for each day. It was worth taking part in the competitions: he was given the BOB title on each day! Thank you for the grooming and for the professional handling, Kíra Sasi. Congratulations to both of you!
So far Nobel has already had a Romanian Junior Champion title but from now on he owns the Romanian Champion title too! Besides these titles, he already has a Bulgarian Champion and a Bulgarian Grand Champion one. So at the age of twenty month old he can be proud of his four champion titles -at least as his owners we are very proud!
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