We have had a very busy year so far regarding Dante: in five weeks he received four CACIB titles in three countries! And today we received his Champion of Austria Certificate! So by the age of three years and three months he is the owner of four countries’ Champion Titles. He is the Champion of Hungary, Romania, Croatia and Austria!
The first day of the Miskolc CACIB has brought us Dante’s success: He was given the CAC, CACIB and BOB title. Zafir was given excellent 3. Dante’s success is a special one: it was his 15th CACIB and 20th BOB title! On Sunday only Dante was entered the show from our dogs: He was successful, receiving the CAC and CACIB title. (It was his 40th CAC title!)
Following the Hungarian and Romanian Championship Dante has received his next title: Champion of Croatia! At the age of three he is the Champion of three countries: not bad…
A week ago we were very happy in Zagreb about Dante’s success, and now this weekend he returned home with a new CACIB title from Graz, Austria. He achieved his first real success in Austria two years ago, when he became number one (BOG) among the young ones in FCI II group. Since then he has won the Champion Class in Austria four times, getting three CACIB and two BOB titles altogether.
For our Dante the show season of this year started in Croatia. A two-day-CACIB show was held in Zagreb at the end of February, where he shared the feeling of victory with his half brother from the father’s side: on the first day Lord became the BOB, but on the second one Dante received the BOB title! It was an important victory for him, as with this one he is expecting the title of Croatian Champion. This is the third country where he will be a Champion. He has taken part in six shows in Croatia so far, where he received three Res-CACIB titles (two in intermediate class!) and three BOB titles altogether.
Our Dante was two years and eight months old when he fullfilled the requirements needed for the International Champion Title. His certificate arrived on his third birthday. Being so young, it sounds really great: ICH Dante vom Dreiburgenland!
This year the World Dog Show was held on 10th, October in Bratislava (Slovakia) where Dante has achieved the greatest success of his life so far. He was entered in Champion Class and among the nicest male leonbergers of the world he received the third place!!!
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