We set off for a long journey at the end of the week with our Dante. Klagenfurt (Austria) is 800 kilometres form our home. But it was worth travelling so much – at the CACIB show which was held there Dante received CACIB title and he became BOB! So he has his first Austrian CACIB title now.
Dante has fulfilled all the requirements necessary for the Grand Champion title and his certificate of this has arrived. His official name from now on is HJCH HCH HGrCH ROCH Dante vom Dreiburgenland. What makes this title even more valuable is that he is only 28 months old!
A two-day-CACIB show was held in Budapest on 16th and 17th May. On both days Dante received the Best Male, CACIB title! Zafir got Res-CAC on the first day, she won her class on the second day, so she received the CAC title in Intermediate Class and also she was given the Res-CACIB title!
The first Hungarian CACIB show of 2009 in Szilvasvarad has become a memorable event as both of our dogs have been given the title ’Winner of his Class’: Zafir received a CAC title in Intermediate class and Dante gained his CAC title in Champion Class. With this success Dante has achieved all the necessary conditions to become a Hungarian Grand Champion at the age of 27 months! Click on the headline for more details.
This year’s show season has begun really well for us. A two-day-CACIB-show was held in Zagreb at the end of February, and both days were successful for us. Dante received CACIB and BOB on both days!
We had a double success at a dinner which was organized by the Organization of Large Breed Dogs on 21st, February. The dinner was held to celebrate and give awards to the “Dog of the Year 2008”. In the Young Leonberger Class among the males Dante was given the second place and among the females Zafir received the second place as the second most successful young dogs last year. We could return home with two wonderful cups!
Dante finished the year of 2008 with enormous success. A CAC Derby show was held right before Christmas in Budapest where he was entered in Champion Class and gained Excellent 1 and CAC title and in the afternoon at the CAC Champion Show he received the illustrious second place. He is not two years old yet and still he needs only one more title to get the Grand Champion Title. For our sorrow Zafir – who is in excellent hair now- could not enter any of the shows as she is in the middle of her heating.
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