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This weeeend was very busy for our Nobel again. He took part in an international dog show (CACIB) which was held in Debrecen. He got a CACIB title on Saturday and he achieved even greater results on Sunday when he became BOB too. It was a special event for him as it was his 10th BOB title, although he is only 19 month old. Thank you so much Róbert Viktor for the grooming and Róbet Viktor and Kíra Sasi for the handling!
This weekend started really well in Satu Mare. On the first day Nobel took part in both a CAC and a CACIB show and he was given the BOB title at both shows. At the BIS he was even chosen among the best six in his group. The next day came as a surprise, the most hateful judgement at a dog show: excellent 1 without a title. No matter we were very happy because of the first day results, as Nobel received his fourth CACIB title (from three different countries) and the only thing he needs to get the ICH title is to fulfil the one-year-rule.
Nobel became a BOB a second time in one week at a national (CAC) dog show which took place in Jászberény. He was entered in Intermediate class as he is only 19 month old and was chosen to be the BOB. Special thanks to Kíra Sasi for the grooming and handling and Mr András Kórózs for the judgement.
There was a national dog show in Szerencs at the weekend where we had entered our 19-month old Nobel in Intermediate class. The show proved to be a successful one as he was chosen to be the best and received the BOB title. Thank you Kíra Sasi very much for the grooming and handling!
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Our puppies are one-week old. We have made a video of them.
Our sixth, the 'F' litter was born on the night of 5th March. Six beautiful puppies, four girls and two boys. They are wonderful and healthy. They are absolutely international dogs, their four grandparents are from the German (Dreiburgenland), Norwegian (Skjaergaarden), Swedish (Dragongardens) and Finnish (Nammupalan)kennels, representing excellent bloodlines. The parents and the grandparents have all the necessary medical certificates and they all own fantastic show results.
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