A four-day CACIB show was held in Budapest at the weekend where two of our dogs took part in: Chaplin (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) and Nobel (Leonberger). Both were entered in Champion class every day. Chaplin (currently expecting International Champion Title) totally fulfilled our expectations: he received two CACIB, one RES-CACIB, three CH-CAC and two BOB (!) titles. But the biggest surprise was our Nobel. As earlier this year he had gained a ‘Bulgarian National Champion’ title at the earliest possible age of 15 months old, we entered him in Champion class in Budapest, although he is only 17 months old now. Our primary goal was one CAC title and to gain some experiences at the shows. However he returned home with three CH-CAC, one CACIB, one RES-CACIB and one BOB title! What is more, his BOB title was given by an ‘all-round’ international judge, considered to be one of the strictest judges, Mr Levente Miklos! So the situation today is that Nobel is just one more CACIB title behind the International Champion title…and of course we have to wait for the compulsory one year requirement. Thank you for Robert Viktor who did a great job with their grooming and handling.
According to the today's ultrasound test our Simba is pregnant, she is expecting babies. The babies are to be born at the beginning of March. Their breeding lines are extraordinary! The parents are: Luca-Guard Akvamarin 'Simba' and Namupalan Star Ruler 'Alex'. CLICK!
A dog show was held in Nitra (Slovakia) where our Nobel received a CAC title in Intermediate class! Special thanks to Róbert Viktor for the grooming and handling.
We were happy and proud to inform you yesterday about Nobel's (Wotan vom Dreiburgenland) first success as an intermediate competitior in Sofia, Bulgaria where he received a CAC, CACIB and BOB title. Today, on the second day he even outperformed his earlier achievement, as besides getting the same titles he was also given the title BOG3 in FCI II group! He is only 15 months old! With these results he is entitled to wear the titles Bulgarian Champion and Bulgarian Grand Champion.We are grateful to Viktor Robert, who prepared and handled him, his big contribution to this success cannot be denied!
We received a very short but great piece of news from a very far place. Our Nobel(Wotan vom Dreiburgenland)was very successful in Sofia(Bulgaria) where a two-day CACIB show was held at the weekend. He was given the CACIB and the BOB title too! This result is extremely precious for us as he became 15 months old just a couple of days ago and so he was entered in Intermediate class. We are so grateful to Viktor Robert who prepared him before and handled him at the show!
An international (CACIB) dog show was held in Komarom at the weekend. Two of our dogs participated in it, Chaplin, our cavalier was entered in champion class, and our Zafir competed in veteran class. Chaplin was given the CACIB title on both days and on Saturday he even received the BOB and the BOG (!) title in FCI. Group IX. ! With these results he achieved a lot more than we expected! Now he can expect the International Champion and the Hungarian Show Champion title!! Thank you for Viktor Robert who prepared and handled him with great expertise. Click!
We have been attending dog shows for several years and we have been given plenty of beautiful titles so far. However the CACIB dog show in Debrecen, yesterday was a very special opportunity for us, as we had the chance to show our Zafir (Skjærgaardens Casino Boomtown) as a veteran female dog! Being an eight-year-old show leonberger is not so ordinary, as she is a giant breed and it is not average to take part in shows at her age. Our Zafir was happy to participate in a 'social event' like this and she ran as a young lady in the ring. Click!
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