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Nobel became nine months old on 29 May. The next day he was entered a dog show in Junior Class for the first time. He was entered. And he won. A double dog show took place in Nagyszeben (Sibiu) , Romania, there was a CAC show in the morning and a CACIB show in the afternoon yesterday. And on both show Nobel received a Junior CAC, a Junior BOB and a BOB (!) title. With these two titles he became entitled to wear the Romanian Junior Champion name at the age of nine month old. We are looking forward to the 31 May CACIB's result!
We entered our five and a half month little Nobel in baby class at the end of the weekend when there was the FEHOVA CACIB International dog show.We were very happy that he was given 'very promising' title on each day of the three days. All the time he was very calm and well-balanced, even the crowd did not make him upset. Our 'little' Nobel is almost 38 kilos now...
Our Chaplin had a really successful weekend at the FEHOVA CACIB dog show which is the traditional annual season-opening show in Hungary. On the first three days of the show he was given the title BOB! Thank you so much again for Viktor Robert for the preparation and the professional handling!
We have just got wonderful news: Our Zafír (Skjaergaarden Casino Boomtown) has become a great-grandmother! Our friend Paulet Pascale has a female dog called Hortense from our kennel in France and ten healthy and beautiful puppies were born there. Our Zafír will be eight years old in summer but nobody would believe neither her age nor that she is already a great-grandmother. (From her first litter we kept Simba for ourselves whose first litter included Hortense, so our Simba is already a grandmother!) And one more interesting fact: the 'A' litter of Zafír, the 'A' litter of Simba and the 'A' litter of Hortense all included ten cute puppies!!
With this photo we would like to wish everybody a happy and successful new year! In 2014 we had a lot of funny and wonderful hours together with our dogs: Chaplin, the cavalier dog, Nobel the leonberger puppy, Zafír our seven-year-old leonberger 'lady' and our Simba who gave birth to eight wonderful puppies in autumn!
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