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Our last 2014 dog show series have brought us great success: Chaplin was entered into an international dog show series in Bulgaria and he was BOB three times on each day! According to the dog show rules he was entitled to wear the title of Bulgarian Champion and Bulgarian Grand Champion!
All of the puppies of our 'E' litter have left our home! They (we))) have found their lovely, friendly, dog lover families but our yard has become so silent... In the picture you can see our last puppy before the big journey (whose real name is also Leo) playing happily while our Chaplin is lying beside him sadly - as if he felt it is time to say goodbye. The album of our 'E' litter - together with their new owners - is ready, you can watch it in our Gallery.
Our puppies will be nine weeks old at the weekend and after the litter control on Saturday they are going to travel to their new homes. This is one of the last pictures of all the puppies together, where they are having a rest accompanied by Nobel.
I have been looking for so long (after our Dante passed away)a male Leonberger dog who fulfills all the expectations I have about this breed. And today our new four-legged family member arrived: Nobel- Wotan vom Dreiburgenland!He was eight weeks old yesterday, 11 kilos and an angel... (After the long journey to Germany that is all I can say but I am sure that you can read about him a lot in the future...)
Our Chaplin took part in a two-day CACIB dog show in Komárom (HU). On Saturday he was given the title of CH CAC and Res-CACIB and on Sunday he achieved more than we expected: he collected the titles of CH CAC, CACIB, BOS, Derby BOB! We are really grateful for Viktor Róbert, who prepared him for this show and managed all the handling!
Chaplin took part in Serbian dog shows at the weekend and he fulfilled all of our expectations! An international dog show was held on Saturday where he received the CACIB title and on Sunday he got the CAC title in his class! With these results he is entitled to use the Serbion Champion title too. We are very proud of him as he is only 16 moths old but he is already a Hungarian Junior Champion, a Romanian (adult) Champion and also a Serbian Champion!
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