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On Saturday morning our puppies were born, five boys and four girls. You can follow their growth on a live webcam here on our website, if you click on the live camera title. (Yo may have to wait a few seconds if you see 'offline' - it depends on the numbers of the visitors...)
We spent a long weekend in Satu Mare in Romania where we took our Chaplin to an international dog show (rather several ones). Our 16-month-old Chaplin was fantastic: he received three CAC titles, one res-CACIB title and even once he was the BOB! But the most important thing is that according to the special rules of this dog show series he is entitled to wear the Romanian Champion title!
We travelled a long distance to find a beautiful husband to our Simba. But it was worth driving so far! We had a mating in Germany with the pride of world-well-known Dreiburgenland-Welland kennel, Tyron and the today’s ultrasound examination proved that this mating was successful. It was the second time that we wanted to mate these two wonderful leonbergers who own a plenty of champion titles and above all posses plenty of excellent medical results. Their previous ‘love’ resulted in ten amazing puppies. They live in six different countries and have gained many excellent show results. Pictures of the parents can be seen in the gallery of our website, under the title ‘Simba and Tyron’. Besides, you can see photos of the previous mating’s puppies under the title ‘C litter’. Click on the picture!
Exceptional mating: high quality parents, extraordinary grandparents! We have repeated the mating of our Simba (Luca-Guard Akvamarin) and Tyron (Tyron vom Welland)! The puppies of this previous mating are living in six countries and although they are very young, they already have excellent show results, or they live their lives as hobby pets and give as much love to their famlies as they can! Click!
A CAC dog show was held in Nyíregyháza at the weekend(HU), where our Chaplin was celebrating his first birthday. And it was in an extraordinary way! After receiving the BOB title, he participated in the BIS in the afternoon and he won his group (IX) and was given the BOG I. title! It was his real birthday present! Our judge was Mrs Pál Bánhidi both during the competition in the morning where he was given the BOB tile and in the afternon during the BIS.We are really grateful for her encouraging words, thank you!
An international CACIB dog show was held on Easter Sunday in Szilvasvarad. Our Chaplin - as the youngest one among the King Charles Cavalier (8) dogs -was entered. And we had an unexpected success - he was entered in Youth Class and beating all the males (six ones, four of them foreigners) even the CACIB winner he received HPJ, Best Junior and the BOS title! Winning this prize he is entitled to take part in the Crufts Dog Show which is held in England annually!
Exactly one year ago four beautiful puppies were born in our kennel, the 'D' litter: Their parents are:Skjaergaardens Casino Boomtown (our dear Zafír) and the wonderful, Tyron vom Welland. Happy birthday Don Szimba (Romania), Donna Dolly (Kecskemét), Don Pedro (Romania) és Donna Leone (Budapest)!
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