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It was going to be a quiet evening. Everything was ready for the birth of the 'C' litter but nothing indicated that something was going to happen soon. We were suspicious on that day and we took Simba to the vet, but he assured us that we had a couple of days ahead. It was a day in winter so the 'labouring place' and all the necessary stuff were placed inside our home. Simba spent every minute with us. And at midnight there was some moaning noise: the first puppy was born. And nine more followed him. Ten little puppies, five girls and five boys. Half of them are now living abroad the other half are living in Hungary. To every member of the 'C' littter: Happy Birthday to You! Wishing you a long and merry life!
After the successful results of our A litter, now it is litter B'S turn to start collecting titles: a CACIB show was held in Komarom, where Balu (of whose HJCH title we already informed you)received the Derby-Winner title, which means that he was announced to be the most beautiful dog of the ones who were born in 2012. Balu is a successful offspring of our Danta-Zafír mating. His name reflects his results: Luca-Guard Born to Be Best! Congratulations on this wonderful result to Balu and of course to his owner, Dr Gábor Győri!
We received the HCH and HShCH certificates and the cups of our first own bred dog Luca-Guard Akvamarin 'Simba' today! We are so proud and happy! Together with these our Simba has five Champion titles altogether (with the foreign ones). The fact that she could not attend dog shows for a long time as bringing up 10 puppies took much of her time and energy made these results even more precious. You can read more about Simba here: click on the picture
We have been dreaming for a long time about buying a Cavalier King Charles dog. And now our dream has come true: the number of our dogs has changed into three. He is a four-month old male dog and his name is Chaplin. This name suits him very much as he is a real comedian, always happy and he has adapted to our family in a very short time.He has fantastic characteristic features, clever and intelligent!
It has been one year since our beloved Dante (European-Winner, Multi-Champion - Dante vom Dreiburgenland) passed away. Recently an insemination process has taken place with his frozen semen. The "wife" is the beautiful Valkür v. Sissy-Haus. According to the ultrasound the 'operation' has turned out to be successful, the examination has confirmed a pregnancy.
Our own-bred dear Simba had a wonderful weekend at an International CACIB dog show which was held in Hódmezővárhely (HU) this weekend!She received a CACIB title on both days and she was even given the BOB title on the first day!What is more, this has been Simba's first really important dog show since she gave birth to ten beautiful puppies in December! We are very proud of you Simba!
Three dogs of our three-year-old Luca-Guard 'A' litter (Hapy Birthday to them!)have already had a Champion title and we can be proud many of our Dante's 'children' but we have just received some great news: the first dog of our 'B' litter - which is just over a year old - Balu has been given the Hungarian Junior Champion title! Congratulations Balu and his owner Dr Gábor Győri on this wonderful result!
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