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The covering of Skjærgaarden Casino Boomtown (Zafir) with our Dante vom Dreiburgenland (Dante) has nicely happened, and we are expecting puppies born by the end of June. We have already made an ultrasound examination which has proved our hopes. We are going to have Leonberger puppies! This covering is an exceptional one, as they are the marriage of two of the most influential kennel’s in Europe, and being so we are hoping to get promising descendants in the near future.

Both parents are free from hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye and heart diseases. They have got their breeding tests and many-many Champion titles. There is only one thing that means more than their titles, and it is their attitudes and behaviour, which we are really proud of. Both dogs have the characteristics of excellent nervous system. They live the lives of family dogs. Their nature is proving everything we are expecting from our Leonberger dogs.

We do hope that our puppies are becoming adults in a place where they receive the same love as we can give to our beloved family members.