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Our kennel
The history of our Kennel:

In the middle of August in 2005 me and my wife moved to our first family house together with our half year daughter.

A big garden belonged to our house, so we decided that a nice, giant dog will beautify our home. A leonberger.
Internet research, telephone calls, two days after moving in I headed for the puppy to Kecskemet.

Our three-months old Cassy arrived, whose registered name is CSALANOSI-LEO CONNY.

She is a very nice, devoted family dog. We did not expect more from her. But after some time we decided to take her to a show. And later we even took her to more and more shows. She never received worse than excellent, she even received HPJ, CAC, in Ukraine she got CACIB. 

The atmosphere of shows enchanted us.

We decided to find a partner for Cassy. We were browsing webpages one after another very patiently collecting information. We were corresponding with plenty of international breeders when we succeeded in getting on a waiting list at the Kennel of Dreiburgenland, a dominant breeder family in Germany. After several months of waiting for the planned covering, the long-expected puppies were born.

The new member of our family, the ten-week old Dante – officially named as DANTE VOM DREIBURGENLAND – arrived in our home in March, 2007.
Dante enthralled us from the very beginning. He learned fast, he was really friendly and nice to everyone, you could feel the calmness flowing from him. It was evident that he got to know the world of shows from a very early age. He received the title of “Very promising” one after another while being in a baby and junior class as well.

Dante was not even half a year old when the family started to think about buying another puppy. So e-mails, telephones, internet again.
Since I have been watching the dogs of famous kennels in Europe on the internet I have been interested in the dogs of the Norwegian Skjærgaardens Kennel outstandingly. However it is said that you have to go through a very strict filter to be able to buy a puppy from them. Above all this they had never sold a puppy to Hungary before.

So we started with a telephone call informing them about our intention to buy a puppy from their kennel, sent an introducing e-mail, but there was silence for days.

It was followed by a long corresponding, history of our family, photos of our dogs’ lives, getting information of us from our Hungarian friends – when finally the breeder made a decision – we could go for the puppy to Norway at the end of September. But only personally and only by car. Of course I accepted every condition...

So the big day arrived, let’s go to Norway!
The Kennel of Skjærgaardens has left a deep impression in me, an everlasting memory. It is an exemplary paradise! Wonderful dogs, wonderful people!

Having arrived home two weeks ago, after a five-day journey by car, now we can declare ourselves as happy owners of three wonderful leonbergers.

The name of our new family member is Zafír. She is officially called SKJÆRGAARDENS CASINO BOOMTOWN. Being a cheerful, lively puppy, she soon became part of our hearts.

14, October, 2007

The history of our kennel Part 2

Five years has passed since we had our first leonberger dog and it determined our lives. A special breed became part of our lives, a dog whose nobility and intelligence overwhelm those results that they can achieve at any kinds of shows.

A new part of the history of our kennel started on 25th June, 2010. Our two imported dogs, Dante and Zafir had a successful mating and ten sweet little puppies were born, seven males and three females. We took the first step that is necessary to call ourselves a breeder some time in the future.

After a long process of thinking and deliberation a final decision was made: we would like to enlarge our kennel and keep one female puppy from the litter. It was a very difficult task to choose the one from the three girls. Anyway, we hope that saying goodbye to the others will be easier knowing that one little puppy is going to stay with us. We really hope to see that her characteristic features will be similar to her parents. It would mean a lot to us and at the same time it would praise the parents too…


1st August, 2010


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The history of our kennel - part 3

I continue writing the story of our kennel after four years of break. A lot of things have happened in the past four years, good and bad as well. Simba (Luca-Guard Akvamarin) from our first litter has stayed with us. She is the first dog of ours from our own breeding. But this is only one of the reasons she is so close to our heart. She has so many great characteristic features that amaze everybody. The judges too, of course – as she, similar to her parents have taken part in a lot of dog shows with excellent results. She owns five championship titles, which she received in Hungary and in Romania. Meanwhile Zafir presented us with 18 puppies altogether from three different litters. Now she is a ‘retired’ lady, living her happy pensioner life in our home surrounded with lots of love. She behaves as being the queen of all our dogs, but as she is with us, she becomes a puppy again, asking for numerous cuddling and hugs, you cannot resist patting her endlessly. So far Simba has also had 18 puppies from two litters. Nowadays we are looking after her eight puppies, they are ten-days old now.
Unfortunately an unbelievable tragedy has also happened. Two years ago our beloved Dante passed away at the age of 5 and a half year, leaving us here with incredible sadness and emptiness. For us he was the LEONBERGER and we will never forget him. His results were only a small part in his life, although they were so great, I would like to mention only a few: European Champion, Interchampion and Multichampion among many others. However his wonderful character and behaviour are that make him unforgettable in our hearts.
There is no doubt that our hearts are for the leonberger dogs but we have bought a Cavalier King Charles spaniel too, called Chaplin. His official name is Xero vom Goldenen Mühlbach, arrived from Germany, his breeder is Harald Zörlein. When you have so calm leonberger dogs, you may take a risk getting ‘a half-inside-half-outside’ dog but it has proved to be a really good decision. He has a wonderful temper: if he is allowed to, he is active, cheerful, acts like a clown sometimes, but as soon as he feels that now it is time to relax he can take a long nap as well. Of course we have also taken him to dog shows with excellent results. At the age of 17 months he is already a Romanian Champion and a Hungarian Junior Champion! Leonbergers and cavaliers seem to get on very well with each other and we are sure that we have managed to choose two excellent breeds!

30 September,  2014

The history of our kennel – last part

Writing these sentences, I can say that a turning point has arrived in our kennel. We have made a decision: we are not going to have any more leonberger litters in our kennel. We have had six litters with 42 puppies. We have had two wonderful mums, our beautiful Zafír and our own-bred Simba.
This weekend our puppies from the ‘F’ litter are going to travel to their new owners. A long chapter of our lives has finished. There is only one more task for us: to provide a long and very happy life for our both female dogs.
However, we have not finished dealing with dogs. We hope that we will have a lot more opportunities to meet our friends whom we got to know because of our dogs and we can greet them at many more dog shows, as we are going to attend dog shows with our two male dogs: our three years old Cavalier, Chaplin and with our leonberger Nobel who we bought from the famous Dreiburgenland kennel.

15 May, 2016

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