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Nobel is an imported male dog from Germany. Official name: Wotan vom Dreiburgenland. He was born on 29 August, 2014 Breeder: Mathias Schröder. CLICK!

Chaplin is a male dog from Germany. His complete name is Xero Vom Goldenen Mühlbach, he is a Cavalier King Carles Spaniel.We bought him to be a family dog.

Luca-Guard Akvamarin is a female dog from our own breeding. Her parents come from world-wide known kennels, the famous Dreiburgenland in Germany and the Skjaergaardens in Norway. They are winners of several shows, and both of them have many Champion titles. Both parents are free from any hereditary diseases, they are free from dysplasia both in their hips and elbows, also their eye and heart testes have negative results. Her calling name is Simba.

Dante vom Dreiburgenland is a male dog imported from Germany. Amidale Löwe vom Walhall X Dario Ensson Bohemia.2nd January,2007. Breeder: Mathias Schröder For details click on the picture.

Skjærgaardens Casino Boomtown, Zafir is an imported female dog from Norway. Skjærgaardens Crunchy Pecan Nut X Teamaides Equisite Eeyore. 21st July,2007. For details click on the picture.